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93 Plates
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93 Plates

What does 93 Plates mean?

I will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 93 separate New York City eateries from breakfast New Year’s Day to dinner on January thirty-first with New York City’s best and brightest independent food writers.

Thirty-one days, three meals a day = 93 Plates.

Why are you doing it?

Why not?


Ok; I’ll be blogging, photographing, shooting videos, and tweeting the foodie experience of a lifetime to raise awareness for the launch of the IRL Arts Foundation’s education and scholarship programs and encouraging people to spend their food and entertainment budget locally, promoting the city’s best restaurants and taking in the full flavor of New York as I go. All the while, I will be I’ll be accompanied by many prolific food writers, bloggers, and a few chefs along the way; each will have something to share with me about the nuances of the city’s food scene.

So what’s it going to look like when it’s done?

Well, I’ve evolved it a little bit. I originally went to Jean Georges with Steve Dublanica @Waiter Rant as a promotion for the project. Of course, I have been a huge fan for a while and it was great to sit down for lunch with one of my food blogger idols. That review is here. I modified a couple things, paid my web guy to make me CSS class, got myself a proper digital camera, and this is what they’re going to look like for the project (minus the big stupid post picture to lead it off, if I can get that fixed).

And you’re going to post three times a day for 31 days straight? That’s a big job! How are you going to do it?

Here’s my schedule:

7:00 – Wake Up
7:30 – Out the door, on the way to breakfast
8:30 – Breakfast
9:30 – Find a wifi spot, post
11:30 – Travel to Lunch Location
12:30 – Lunch
2:00 – Find a wifi spot, post
4:30 – Travel to Dinner Location
5:30 – Dinner
7:30 – Back to the UWS to post

And that’s the best case scenario. Weekend brunches don’t start until eleven, so I’m going to be having most of my dinners on Saturday and Sunday ay 9PM, completely throwing off my sleep pattern for Monday morning. Both the schedule and the scheduling are pretty intense. Obviously, the thing that will keep me going is the absolute decadence that I’ll be participating in each day. If you love food and can think of something more fun than eating at New York City’s best restaurants, meeting their head chefs, GMs, and owners, and spending hours BSing with the food blogger elite, let me know what it is and I’ll do it for my next project.

OK, so who’s participating?

Writers Restaurants
Zachary Cohen @ Farm to Table
Tina Wong @ The Wandering Eater
Simon Dang @ Plate Of The Day
Michelle Joni Lapidos @ Spa Week Daily
Lauren Soutiere @ East Village Kitchen
Kathy YL Chan @ A Passion For Food
Jessica Binder @ Food Mayhem
Lindsay Nixon @ Happy Herbivore
Mike Lieberman @ Urban Organic Gardener
Adriana Velez @ Brooklyn Food Coalition
Jen Bernstein @ Local Appetite
Krista Garcia @ Goodies First
Chris Durso @ Foodiggity
Melissa Sands @ Fork This
Florie @ Dolce In New York
Christine Kim @ Fresh, Local, and Best
Layne Mosler @ Taxi Gourmet
James Boo @ The Eaten Path
Wilfrid @ The Pink Pig
Divya Gugnani @ Behind The Burner
Josh Beckerman @ NYC Foodie
Jean Ann Van Krevelen @ Gardener to Farmer
Jeffrey Chin @ Foodgasm
Jenny Miller @ Various NYC Food Blogs
Amy Cao @ Amy Blogs Chow
Eat It Brooklyn @ Eat Brooklyn Food
Zach Brooks Midtown Lunch
Dan Delaney @ Vendr TV
Andrea & Jeff @ High/Low, Food/Drink
Cindy Zhou @ Chubby Chinese Girl
Allie Schwartz @ Economy Bites
Dave Cook @ Eating In Translation
Danny @ Food In Mouth
Yvo Sin @ Feisty Foodie
Tina & Phil @ $30 A Week
Mike @ Man Eat Food
Marc Masumoto @ No Recipes
Judith Klein Rich @ Foodista
Jessie Yoh @ Savory Bites
Jeff Orlick @ Jeffrey Tastes
Meg Cotner @ Joey in Astoria
Lisa Fain @ Homesick Texan
Steve Shaw @
Jackie Gordon @ The Diva That Ate New York
David Fishman @ Fishman Foodie
Michelle Weber @ Thursday Night Smackdown
Siobhan & Alex @ Blondie & Brownie
Stephane Lemagnen @ Zen Can Cook
Liza de Guia @ Food Curated
Lawrence Weibman @ NYC Food Guy
Nick & Theo @ The Food Experiments
Sarah Copeland @ Edible Living
15 East
188 Bakery Cuchifrito’s
88 Orchard
Al Di La Trattoria
Ali’s Roti
An Choi
Automatic Slim’s
Benny Tudino’s
Big Nick’s
Bistro Les Minots
Bogota Bistro
Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee
Burger Joint
Café Habana
Café Ollin
Corner Bistro
The Crooked Tree
Danny Brown Wine Bar and Kitchen
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Dive Bar
Djerdan 3
Fiore Deli
Greenwich Grill
H&H Bagels
Iris Café
Leo’s Latticini
Little Owl
Luke’s Lobster
Mad For Chicken
Peter Luger’s Steakhouse
Petey’s Burger
Roebling Pizza
Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s Deli
Schnitzel & Things
Sushi Azabu
Taste Good Malaysian
The Grey Dog’s Coffee
The Treats Truck
Tuck Shop
Wafels & Dinges
Xian Famous Foods

Whoa. That’s awesome.

I know.

It’s taken me two months to get this together and it’s all falling into place quite nicely. Needless to say I’m pumped about meeting the writers and trying all this ridiculous food. What more can I say? I’ve got one life to live, baby, so I’m gon’ live it up.

Let’s see the results.


1. The Philippine Bread House
2. Benny Tudino’s
3. Precious Chinese Cuisine
4. Jane
5. An Choi
6. 15 East
7. Public
8. Luke’s Lobster
9. Bistro Les Minots
10. H&H Bagels
11. Szechuan Gourmet
12. Telepan
13. Roots Café
14. Tuck Shop
15. Caracas
16. Tom’s
17. Grimaldi’s
18. Boston Jerk City
19. 188 Restaurant Cuchifrito’s
20. Ali’s Roti Shop
21. Xochimilco
22. Iris Cafe
23. Burger Joint
24. Dive Bar
25. Amanda’s
26. Fiore’s Deli
27. Markt
28. Crooked Tree
29. Il Porto
30. Zoma
31. Outpost Lounge
32. Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s Deli
33. Djerdan 3
34. Ess-A-Bagel
35. Mad For Chicken
36. Sanford’s
37. Norma’s
38. 53rd and 6th Halal Cart
39. Dumont
40. 88 Orchard
41. Pizza Gruppo
42. Tocqueville
43. Café Grumpy
44. Schnitzel and Things
45. Café Habana
46. Amy Ruth’s
47. Baoguette
48. Inoteca
49. Oslo Coffee
50. Café Ollin
51. Al Di La Trattoria
52. Bouchon
53. Big Nick’s
54. Dinosaur BBQ
55. Starbucks (long story)
56. Fishers Of Men
57. Greenwich Grill
58. Tazza
59. Petey’s Burger
60. Vesta
61. Quintessence
62. Xi’an Famous Foods
63. 8st Kitchen
64. The Smith
65. Despaña
66. Fette Sau
67. Kiva Café
68. Park Slope Chip Shop
69. Automatic Slim’s
70. Bar Tabac
71. Bagel World
72. Double Crown
73. Sweet Revenge
74. Calexico Cart
75. Sushi Azabu
76. Ost Café
77. Taste Good Malaysian
78. Danny Brown Wine Bar and Kitchen
79. Café Mogador
80. Leo’s Latticini
81. In Vino
82. Petite Abeille
83. Treats Truck
84. Peter Luger Steak House
85. Wafels and Dinges
86. Fornino
87. Bogota Bistro
88. Ditch Plains
89. Roebling Pizza
90. Kittichai
91. TBSP
92. Carnegie Deli
93. Hill Country


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