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The Wandering Foodie — Travels of a Culinary Adventurer — Page 743
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Ellary’s Greens

This new West Village establishment had a lot of thought put into it. It is the first foray into restaurants for the New Orleans native Leith Hill. She’s just as energetic and vibrant as the drinks they serve here. When you arrive, the bright light streaming in from the future herb garden in back and […] Read More


I have to say that I was really impressed with Thalassa. It’s a Greek restaurant that’s in a building that’s owned by a shipping company and has been there for the last I don’t know however many years. It seems like if you own the building, you’re going to have a better possibility of being […] Read More

Oficina Latina

I really enjoyed eating at Oficina Latina. The thing that I enjoyed the most was talking to the owners, Paolo and Max. These guys are passionate. They’re passionate about food, travel, and design. All three things about which I am also passionate. It’s so much fun to talk with people who share your outlook on […] Read More

Jeanne & Gaston

As I am trying to do more food related stuff in New York City, I accepted a press invite to Jeanne & Gaston. I never heard of this place. It’s on 14th. 14th is a weird place to have a high-class, smaller restaurant. You wouldn’t think it would be a weird place to have a […] Read More

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