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Soul Sistahs
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Soul Sistahs

Can I like this song without being a soul sistah? Can I say ‘soul sistah’ if I am a white male? Is ‘soul sistah’ even race specific? What criteria does a girl have to fit to be called a soul sistah? If I can’t say ‘soul sistah,’ what can’t soul sistahs say about me? Can I explain myself? I mean, I’m not trying to be derrogatory or hurtful, I just think that the term ‘soul sistah’ really applies to this particular artist. She sings with conviction and passion and has a message. Are my boys gonna make fun of me when I admit to liking the message? I think her dozens are pretty good. You know how Nas and Jay-Z are always in shit with each other (and Nas always sells more records, ’cause he’s the better rapper, but that’s beside the point) because they just got beef? Well here are my contentions with THAT:

1) What are your problems? You make so much cash, you have entourages, let it go already. But if you couldn’t . . .

2) . . . Could you guys just sit down and talk it out over a nice cup of international coffee (And remember that waiter? What was his name . . . . ? How could we forget JEAN-LUC!)

3) What do you little hoes think about this nubian queen spittin flava on yo’s ass like it was some kind of crazy thick mucous or sumthin?

Whatup now? Huh? Whatup NOOOOOOOW!

Sorry, I just reverted to my ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ character played by Seth Green for a second there. I think I need to lie down.

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