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Baoguette – Plate 47

bahn mi cutaway

Lindsay Nixon of HappyHerbivore.com was finishing up a cookbook (link) and the photographers had her stuck in her apartment this weekend, so I got to try some Banh Mi at Baoguette with one of my best friends, Dan Wilkens. He’s not a food blogger, but he’s taught me an awful lot about food, grilling in particular. We had intended to go to Ippudo, but they were closed for lunch (ie. not taking any new orders at 2:30) on a Saturday. Guess we should have gotten there earlier.

Baoguette didn’t dissapoint. Still not as good as the crispy pork banh mi that I got at An Choi (link), but for $5, it’s tough to beat the price.

sloppy bao

Our video review of Baoguette:

37 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003
(347) 892-2614

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