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Amy Ruth’s – Plate 46
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Amy Ruth’s – Plate 46

biscuit and grape jellyChicken and Waffles! Have you had this yet? All the kids are talking about it. My first experience with this dish was in Boston on 24 in 24 (link) and I was hooked. The sweet/savory revolution started for me with the McGriddle (I’ve only had one to this day) back in 2003. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of salt chocolate, chili chocolate, even chocolate-covered bacon. I know there are other things than chocolate that you can mix savory with to get this sensation, but it’s 6AM, give a brotha a break. I think the actual revolution probably started long ago, but more people are appreciating the combination today given the new desire for variety (very interesting Malcolm Gladwell TED video on the subject).

When we to Amy Ruth’s, Cindy was surprised by all the white people there. Can restaurants in not so gentrified areas get gentrified? I think so.

chicken and wafflesThat’s what happens when you have excellent southern food. The two things here we were both impressed by were the Cheese Grits and the Chicken and Waffles (left). We weren’t sure about what to get for the second breakfast item, so we asked our waitress for a recommendation. When she said “Salmon Cake (not shown),” I had to confirm this with the GM, he said it was good. My recommendation is to get the chicken and waffles. I split it with Cindy and was sad to see the crispy, golden thigh leave my plate. Stuck with a drumstick, some gravy, and a whole mess load of syrup, I soldiered on.

Godd$@% that gravy is fantastic!

The chicken was some of the lightest fried chicken I’ve ever had, and the waffle was crispy and buttery, but the gravy put it in a different class.

Cindy comments:

Get the chicken and waffles, forget the salmon cake. Breakfast, lunch, late night, whenever is a great time for Amy Ruth’s.

Guest Writer: Cindy Zhou

The IRL Arts Foundation and The Wandering Foodie thank Amy Ruth’s for providing this meal.

Amy Ruth’s
113 West 116 Street
New York, NY 10026
(212) 280-8779

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