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Conversation between friends a couple of weeks ago (Note: This conversation could be about ANYONE):

Me: That girl just CALLED me.


RPI Guy 2: No shit.

RPI Guy 1: What did she say?

Me: Dude. She CALLED me.

RPI Guy 1: Oh man, I got to hear this.

Me: She ended the conversation with, “You’re in DC, right? I hope the sniper gets you, you fucking prick!”

RPI Guy 1: Was that it? That’s all she said?

Me: No, There was more.

RPI Guy 2: I’m just impressed that she was able to put together two coherent sentences.

RPI Guy 1: How did she get your number?

Me: I gave it to her.

RPI Guy 1: Why?

Me: I was being cocky before, I thought it wouldn’t matter.

RPI Guy 1: So did she say anything else?

Me: Oh yeah. Now she’s theatening me with a lawyer.

Me: She also said she knows high ranking people at GE, says that I should take the stuff down if I want to keep my job.

RPI Guy 1: You know what? I think this would be a great if you guys fell in love and had a bunch of little babies . . .

RPI Guy 2: What a true love story.

RPI Guy 3: DAMN Blunt. I just caught your stuff about that girl. Please enlighten us . . .

RPI Guy 1: Yeah, and she IMed me today!

RPI Guy 3: You’re kidding me?

RPI Guy 1: The converstaion is om my screen somewhere, I’ll have to post it up here later.

RPI Guy 1: But she was basically calling me two-faced and wasn’t all too happy with me. . .

RPI Guy 1: I didn’t even know we were friends.


RPI Guy 3: So, Blunt, talk to us.

RPI Guy 1: Yeah, what’s the deal?

RPI Guy 2: What happened with the conversation?

Me: Well, it went back and forth arguing about my right to post this stuff on the site. The pictures, the comments . . . I wish I had a record function on my phone, it would have been a nice .wav to send out

Me: Said her boyfriend was a lawyer, and he was calling his lawyer friends up about this case, and they were planning a lawsuit.

Me: Anyway, I have been researching and she’s got a bit of a case for defamation of character, but only by way of a single comment someone made.

Me: I am deleting everything because you never know what she would do. I can’t take a lawsuit right now, and I think we’ve had our fun.

RPI Guy 1: More than our share.

RPI Guy 3: Far more. Sad to see you cave though, Blunt.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

RPI Guy 3: But there wasnt a link on your page . . .

Me: I know, but I’ll send you the link I am looking at in a sec. It was a link to the comments section, and I have domain over the comments section, so I think it could be my responsibility for what goes there.

RPI Guy 3: Yeah. How bogus is this! It figures that girl would the go to the law about this shit.

RPI Guy 2: Uh, yeah. Thats what happens when you fuck with a psycho

RPI Guy 1: Note to self; Don’t piss off crazy people.

Me: Exactly.

RPI Guy 3: OK. I’m doing some research here . . .

RPI Guy 3: “Your reputation is like your credit rating-something you want to keep spotless. If someone says something that may be construed to lessen your reputation, you may have cause to file a defamation suit. The damaging information must be false, able to be proven to be false, and you must have witnesses. Libel and slander are two types of defamation. When someone says something false about you, that could be considered slander. Libel is generally written or printed defamation. . .”

RPI Guy 3: Note to crazy bitches: the shit MUST BE FALSE

RPI Guy 1: And . . . “construed to lessen your reputation” . . . dosen’t appply here; at least not on Blunt’s part . . .

RPI Guy 3: Besides, her reputation is too low to actually “lessen”

And now, the web’s online resource for defamation of character lawsuit defense:

Scott Law Firm

If someone says you have AIDS

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