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Sammy : The notorious DLM made a stop by my site to leave some words of bile and vitriol.

Me : Ree Hee Heaaaaaaaly

Me : Link me?

Sammy : Here ya go. Oh yeah, she e-mailed me and I posted that, too

Me : HA!

Me : Touche, my good man. Touche, indeed!

Sammy : Just when I think the meme is dying, it’s resurrected again!

Me : How come the pics came down?

Sammy : I’m guessing that she’s made more vague legal threats to the guys who ran that site.

Me : Yeah, I’d like to know about them . . . I think it’d be funny to hear what she told them

Sammy : I guess I’ll just have to e-mail the site and get the 411.

Me : I’m doing that as we speak . . .

Me : I like when she comments on South Beach, “I’m sure there are pictures out there . . . but not like these ones. They are actually much nicer

Me : Pretty much saying, “Those aren’t my boobs, but I’m sure that my boobs are somewhere on the net, just not here, and with my name plastered all over them.”

Sammy : Danica in Girls Gone Wild Volume XVII!

Me : That was no PhotoShop job, those had to be hers . . .

Sammy : Yeah, well, I think that I’m going to have to fire up PhotoShop to have some fun with this one.

Me : Fark Danica’s boobs?

Sammy : Exactly.

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