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Two guys and a girl at a bar:

Guy 1 : I like that lugz commercial; it’s like he’s tagging the whole city with his moves.

Guy 2 : Naww, I don’t like it, it doesn’t make you want to buy the shoes.

Girl : I thought it was good. It got my attention.

Guy 2 : Well getting attention is one thing, and making you want to buy something is another.

Girl : So the commercial didn’t make you want to buy the shoes . . .

Guy 1 : But the next time I’m shoe shopping I’ll consider buying them.

Guy 2 : You gotta see my point here. OK, check out this Burger King commericial – Flame broiled goodness in your face.

Girl : It’s good product placement. Definitely appealing.

Guy 2 : Now doesn’t that make you want to buy the Whopper more than the shoes?

Guy 1 : Look, I’m not in a fucking shopping mall; we just got high.

Girl : Yeah. Hitting your target audience is everything.

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