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An employee and I who are in the same position were talking about our transition from GE GXS to GXS and what we were going to do. We’re in the unique position of being able to choose to stay with GXS here in Maryland or go to a different GE business. Here’s one of our conversations:

Meaghan: What if you are a disgruntled FMP? what should they do?

Me: HA! I don’t know, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m disgruntled.

Meaghan: What are you?

Me: Uhhh . . . I don’t know.

Meaghan: Well, you’ll be disgruntled in February when Mike is like, sorry! All the FMP positions have been filled.

Meaghan: Welcome to Newco!

Meaghan: Oh, and by the way; you’re laid off.

Meaghan: With no severance pay

Me: Oh God.

Meaghan: Could please send your signing bonus back?

Me: HA! “Good Luck in your future endeavors . . .”

Meaghan: Yeah, and watch out for the sniper!

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