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How stupid are the cops down here in our nation’s capital? Seriously, these guys are a bunch of halfwits. Do they really think the sniper is going to just walk into their arms on the steps of the Montgomery County Courthouse? The sniper called them up and said something over the phone line he provided, and now the police are asking the guy to call back. “Please mister sniper, we didn’t get the phone trace through the first time, please call back so we can triangulate your signal and not mistakenly assault two guys down in Richmond. We apologize for being such pathetic excuses for detectives, but we can’t help it, we’re just horrible. You know how bad the crime is in DC; I mean come on. Imagine how bad we are. We’re the slobs that weren’t good enough to cut it in the city. Drop us another couple tarot cards . . . preferably with addresses on them . . . and a picture. Now you know why you never have to wonder why you’re not watching CSI: Rockville on Tuesday night.”

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