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Did you ever notice that the percentage of women you see with the big poofy bangs skyrockets when you walk into a Wal*Mart? Bangs and airbrushed Tweety Bird sweatshirts . . . espescially the gangsta tweety bird version. You know, the one where Tweety and the Tazmanian Devil are dressed up in thug wear and are girls all of the sudden?

I always thought Tweety was kind of a unisex character, but there was no doubt in my mind that the Tasmanian Devil was a dude. What is the deal with those shirts? I mean, you don’t see Fuddettes in gangsta bitch attire . . . And of course Garth’s comment in Wayne’s World about Bugs Bunny, well, I can see that. But the Tasmanian Devil? I’m confused.

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