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I visited the printer in my office about 100 times in the last two days. Of course I had to load the paper a couple of times, and the printer always told me “Load Plain Letter.” Well, it got pretty boring working back to back fourteen-plus hour days, so I’d been making up songs at random when I saw the message . . . I never knew the actual lyrics to the part in “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics where Annie Lennox jumps an octave and says something like:

LOAD PLAIN LETTER . . . moooovin on. LOAD PLAIN LETTER! Moovin on.

Or Meatloaf:

I gotta know right now, would ya load my plain lettttaaahhhh?

Or the ballad from The Who:

When the printer is out I say LOAD PLAIN LETTAH! Plain lettah-plain lettah-plain let!

They’re not all gold. You got a better one?

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