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What is the deal with the elevator door close button? Why is it there? It obviously doesn’t close the door to the elevator, because you’ve pressed it enough times in futility. Now I hate to say this, but here goes; in China, the elevator door close button works, and you can read it because it looks just like this >|< . Yep, they look the same.

Now when I was at Crotonville, the compound that I stayed in for my leadership class had elevators, and all of those buttons performed their designated functions flawlessly. I think they’re the only close door buttons in America that actually work. When Jack Welch is in a building that bears his name, he’s gonna see to it that every button in that place does its job, and that all the cute journalists get preferential treatment.

One thing that I’m remembering about China right now (which is completely off the subject) is that you could pass cops. Everyone did it. If a cop was doing the speed limit of 65, you could blow by him at 75 and the guy wouldn’t blink. People never think to slow down for cops. And if you were driving an S-Class, Cops would NEVER TOUCH YOU if you sped. It’s far too political over there. If they pulled the wrong guy over, it meant his job.

How am I going to conclude this . . . oh yeah. I”ve been looking into buying an island . . . in lake Nicaragua. I mean, that one looks a little pricey, but the undeveloped ones that aren’t as big are only eight boxes of ziti. I always wanted my own island. I’ll have one some day.

That’s it for tonight.

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