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I get reader mail! This is a particularly good one, although it doesn’t have any links to some crazy chick’s boobies in it:

I had some fish once that died a lot ’cause I got them from Walmart. Two of my fish liked to nip at each others fins and tails a lot (I later found out that you should only have one in the tank) One’s name was Meajun and it got all its fins nipped. All it could do was pump with its tail and succumb to the will of the currents in the tank. Meajun spent her last few hours hurdling through the tank doing flips, spins, and dives uncontrollably until she cartwheeled into the filter tube and was sucked to death. What a graceful way to go – before the sucking.

We are all just fish with nipped off fins letting our emaciated bodies be swished about by the currents . . . the currents of LIFE. So It’s all over but the sucking for us, huh?

You are poop.

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