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I started writing down my dreams in a notebook last night. I woke up this morning found the following in the journal:

-Teaching english in Foshan (a town near me where I teach and have anoher job offer)

-Umpire of kickball game in sideyard of Slaytonbush (lane on which I lived from 1989 to 1991) with Yarmouth (hometown) kids playing

-Load in my pants, crapped all over bathroom

-(Drove to work, saw sign at) Boston Market: Fine Foof (sic)

-Worked teaching in a school they ran like the mafia (is run)

-Mat Belisle (friend from hometown) appeared in dream to advise me on which job to take (mafia one or new one)

Note: Items in parentheses are for clarification only, and some are things I remember that I didn’t write down, not what was actually written.

A rather interesting start. When I went over it, I am pretty sure I could trace where most of these thoughts came from save the kickball game and the “Foof.” Psychoanalysis is welcome!

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