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This week I am having my students compose sonnets for their English Writing class. I told them it would be an easy assignment, but they weren’t having it; after I gave them the bit about iambic pentameter and heroic couplets, they were convinced that it was too hard. One of the students told me, “Patrick, if it’s so easy, write one now.” We were talking about me seeing another white guy here and becoming best friends within seconds, so they picked that as my topic. Below is the crap that I crapped over our class’s crappy little ten minute break:

This last Sunday I had nothing to do

So I took a walk through a gorgeous park

The air was so fresh, the sights were so new

My steps were so light, as flights of the lark

What is that ahead? Who is that I see?

His palor is more spectral than the rest

Another westerner walks near to me

Maybe I should shout a “Hello” in jest!

We may have plenty of things in common

We could like the same movies, songs and foods

Hamburgers, pizza, fries, (Maybe ramen?)

We are two simple American dudes

Just as our paths cross, they now veer apart

And from my memory, his face departs

Last night I dreamed about: Hitting a pot-bellied redneck who turned into Ben Affleck at which time, I promptly beat him up; I also fed a dollar to a vending machine that only gave me previously opened Stoned Wheat Thins.

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