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I taught English this evening. I teach “Crazy English,” which is a type of learning style that has been popularized by this guy in China called Li Yang. The tenets of this system of learning are:

-Speak English as loud as you can

-Speak the English phrases that Westerners use

-Practice often

I am teaching directly from a book with the following words/phrases printed inside it: Damn it, Shit, Go to hell, Beat it, Get lost, and Ass. This was the lesson in which I was to cover that chapter. The students asked me about words and phrases that came up in American movies that they watched, and I wrote them on the board to show them the spellings. At the end of the lesson, I turned around and this is what I saw:

Son of a bitch . . . . . . Fuck

Suck my dick . . . . . . . Motherfucker

This was the most fun I have ever had being paid $12.50 an hour.

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