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12:00 PM – Anna’s Taqueria

If I was required to eat the whole dish at each restaurant before soldiering on to the next one, I can guarantee you that the super burrito at Anna’s would have put me down for the count. I would have to say that food value/dollar here is among the best in the city, and if you ask any BU student about the must-eat restaurants in Boston, and one of their top three spots isn’t Anna’s, you can rest assured he is either a sultan, prince, or son of one of those.

I have to say that am spoiled here. I have eaten at the Taqueria so often that I know exactly what I am getting and what it tastes like.

When we grab an Al Pastor burrito with everything, it is exactly as wonderful as I remember it. Francisico (the GM whom I interviewed) is not there, neither is Mike (the owner – even in my brief encounter with him, I can tell he is a consummate foodie) and I take that as the green light to eat as little as possible. As much of a compliment I paid to Mike and Patty’s by eating so much, I did an equivalent disservice to Anna’s by eating so little. I take three bites, knowing that I am going to get a break in the next hour at the 1:00 PM Stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

Anna’s Taqueria
446 Harvard St
Brookline, MA
(617) 277-7111‎

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