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1:00 PM – Fugakyu

PETA members, please move on to the review of Galleria Umberto. My visit to Fugakyu is the most entertaining and stimulating experience food experience I’ve had in my life (save for that time with my ex and the chocolate sauce). We sit down and are watching Hiro work from three feet away. He takes a live shrimp from the tank and filets the tail while impaling the head on a skewer. Plated, the antennae and legs of the shrimp still move and react to touch as I put the nearly alive tail into my mouth. It is slippery and tender, unlike any mouthfeel I have ever had.

The Fluke, Hiro’s favorite fish, had a uniquely delicate flavor and the most silky firmness. It was prepared to look like another type of fish, with what would be the veins replaced with nori. The plate was a work of art. Son of a Japanese woman and schooled in Japan by the masters, Hiro has this fish stuff down like Cousteau. After Mers (the new stickman) enjoys the last few pieces of fluke, we jump in the Subie and he drops us off at the 2:00 PM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

1280 Beacon St
Brookline, MA
(617) 734-1268

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