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11:00 AM – Mike & Patty’s
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11:00 AM – Mike & Patty’s

The most anticipated restaurant of the day for me because of all the awesome Yelp reviews and my interview with Mike where he served me a piece of peameal bacon. Damn that bacon is tasty! We had the Bacon and Egg Fancy and the Marc Savard. Both with mayo. I say that because Wilkens is an avowed mayo hater. He put aside his prejudices and had a big mayo filled bite of each sandwich, and then he had two more. Heather commented that there had been more than one person who had seen the light by way of the house-made mayo at Mike and Patty’s.

The Fancy is the most popular order at the restaurant. Mike claims that even with the bacon-and-eggness of the sandwich, it knows none of the strict AM/PM ordering limitations of typical breakfast fare. I don’t doubt it. Brett picks the avocados out (showing the only squeamishness of the day) and devours the rest of the Fancy. Tangy, cheesy, just right bacon, and I don’t say this a lot about this type of bread, but incredible multigrain bread. My mom brought home some multigrain bread when I was younger from Nissen or Wonder or some big bread place and I complained about the ‘nuts’ in it. You’ll get no protest from me about the nuts in the bread here. I would have liked to finish the Marc Savard as well, but I had a deathmatch with the burrito at the next stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

Mike & Patty’s
12 Church St
Boston, MA
(617) 423-3447‎

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