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10:00 AM – Aquitaine

My cheeseburger was well-done. I ordered it medium-rare. Of course, on a day where I am not pressed for time, I would have sent it back and received another one immediately. I know that Aquitaine turns out a consistently high-quality product, but today I was not impressed. Due to the fact that I didn’t give them a chance to make it right, which I am sure they would have had I asked, I won’t hold that against them. The plusses from my other visits: service to the nines, friendly staff, macaroni and cheese second only to my mother’s (and grandmother’s). I also really liked the bathroom (the wallpaper is wine labels!) and the waitress with the funky diamond glasses. If she’s single, there is an imbalance in the universe. I would have hit on her, but we had to go to the 11:00 AM stop on 24 in 24: Boston . . .

569 Tremont St
Boston, MA
(617) 424-8577‎

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