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Wafels and Dinges – Plate 85
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Wafels and Dinges – Plate 85

We were supposed to meet the Waffle Truck last Tuesday, but after a little snafu, we went to Starbucks (link). It wasn’t that bad, but I have to tell you, in the moment, I was pretty heated. I got on the 2/3 at 116th and went to the place listed on the website, found Christine there and went to find the Waffle Truck, but it wasn’t around. So then, we go up to 53rd and Lexington, the place listed on their twitter page, and the truck isn’t there! I was pretty excited for waffles that day, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Christine and I started filming hate-on-the-waffle-truck videos and after all of our ire died down, we had a donut. I sent Thomas a rather forward e-mail about our experience and he called me in minutes. Maybe not even minutes. This was my first interaction with Thomas and it was probably the most telling; the man is He told me the situation, and I just caught it on a weird day. No worries. Bygones.

When we arrived at the truck this morning, Thomas explained us about the pros and cons of the mobile eatery. As you could probably guess, the most important factor to success is location. Establishing a presence on a weekly basis is one of the toughest things to do, especially with the laws (certain areas are off-limits) and other street vendors to worry about. He told me a story about a spot he established on the Upper East Side a while back, and another truck came in to the exact spot and sold similar sweet-toothy items a day before he was there each week, cutting into his business. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

Andrea (of the H&H and Telepan stops) was able to join me for this surprise breakfast and we dug into the waffley goodness. She made fun of me again because I spotted her as the Asian girl with the camera … I mean, you gotta cut me some slack here!

Liege with Nutella

Liege with Nutella

This one is the soft and chewy waffle and it was my favorite. It was either because I’d never had a waffle like this before or the two tablespoons of Nutella slathered on this bad mother. Not taking anything away from this awesome waffle, but you could put Nutella on white rice and it would probably be the best white rice I’d ever had. I’m a huge fan. My ex is super into this stuff and has enlightened me to the differences between the American version and the European. Yes, there are differences.

Brussels Style with Whipped Cream

Brussels Style with Whipped Cream

This was my second breakfast Brussels style waffle in as many days. I gotta hand it to the Waffle truck in this showdown (throwdown? link) it was much lighter, more crispy. They have one with strawberries and chocolate they call the WMD. I can’t see WMD and not think of Bodie from the wire explaining the new moniker.

Got them WMDs!

It may not mass-destruct your ass, but this waffle will do a pretty good number on your taste buds. Next time I come here, I’ll be getting a Liege style WMD with Nutella instead of chocolate sauce.

Brussels Style with Bacon

Brussels Style with Bacon

There’s a secret to the bacon waffle. The guys at the truck told me and made me turn my camera off, but I don’t remember what it was. All my attempts at bacon waffles will fall short of this gorgeousness from now on. I don’t think we did any of these with syrup and they didn’t seem to need it.

Here’s our video:

Guest Writer: Andrea ChanHere’s her post

The IRL Arts Foundation and The Wandering Foodie thank Wafels and Dinges for providing this meal.

Wafels and Dinges
Various Locations
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
(866) 429-7329

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