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Outpost Lounge – Plate 31
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Outpost Lounge – Plate 31

The Outpost Café is on Fulton street at the confluence of the Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, and Prospect Heights neighborhoods. Turns out that this was the hardest possible breakfast on my list for Layne to make, but she made it. She lives somewhere between Greenpoint and Williamsburg; to get to the C and back to Brooklyn is quite a bear. For me, it was a quick 116 bus to the C and I was there. I was even able to write a few paragraphs on the place I went last night.

She just passed all the geography tests and got her Taxi License (pic). Even with her own version of where she gets in a cab and asks the cabbie to bring her to his (or her) favorite food, she doesn’t know the best way to get us back to Queens. Somehow, I always end up getting stuck with this cabbie.

I arrive, camera in hand, and Layne picks me out. She’s already set up to eat, but isn’t quite ready for video:

And as you can see, we absolutely devoured everything. I had the Ginger, Green Apple Lemonade to start off. The menu writer didn’t have to work too hard to find a buy-me-now name for that one. I took a few pictures but none really demonstrated the sexiness of the drink. Tart with just a tinge of sweetness and a nice foam on the top. You can see they do their foam pretty well here from the Cappucino (above). I can’t vouch for the cappucino; I was too busy defending my ginger/green apple goodness from Layne’s clutches to have a sip.

The Lox and Cream Cheese on an Everything Bagel (left) was the best lox bagel I have ever had in Brooklyn. Let me qualify that by saying I haven’t had any in Crown Heights, but I used to get them all the time in downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights I used to live nearby in Fort Greene when I worked for the NYSE on some Y2K stuff. None of my co-workers would attest to me actually working there, but I had a good time and ate some great food, many great bagels included.

Gary (the owner) recommended we have the Chili Mac (pic). You can hear my excitement about the goat cheese crumbled atop the chili. I can’t confirm what kind of cheese they use when baking the chili mac, but I can confirm that it is delicious.

We missed out on a couple things at the Outpost Lounge: #1) Live music #2) alcohol #3) the patio. Layne pointed these options out over the course of the meal and made me wish I’d picked a different month to do this.

I’ll have to figure out a way to revisit the lounge over the summer because it was a completely chill place. I can see myself relaxing over morning coffee stretching right into happy hour.

Guest Writer: Layne Mosler

The IRL Arts Foundation and The Wandering Foodie thank Outpost Lounge for providing this meal.

Outpost Lounge
1014 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 636-1260

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  • ncsuemme January 12, 2010, 1:45 am

    You are ALL up in my neighborhood! I <3 Outpost, but I wish you had told me you were going there. Desserts by Michael Allen (pretty much across the street on Fulton) is insane. So, so, SO delicious, and a very friendly family owns it. Outpost and DbMA, along with Il Porto, are my neighborhood haunts. :)

    • Hagan January 12, 2010, 10:21 am

      My schedule is up on my site!

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