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Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island
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Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island

Can I write this post in an hour? Why not? How about 51 minutes (yes, that’s where I am now – got distracted writing to illustrators and following beer people for my new business). All the information about Coney Island is fresh in my mind; all the flavors in my handy dandy notebook, the video is uploaded, the pictures are linked… now all I have to do is write some hilarious shit about Coney Island and Hot Dogs.

FYI – Chicago ain’t got nothin’ on Nathan’s in coney island, but Crif Dogs puts all of them to shame (so far – still haven’t been to Hot Doug’s to judge this).

Bee Tee Dubs – the Cyclone totally makes you feel like a kid again. I would never come to Coney Island and not ride the cyclone. It’s awesome.

No cameras allowed on board, so this is all I got for you.

I told one of my soccer teammates that I was going out here and he said, “Man, everyone you meet speaks a different language out there,” and when we got to the Boardwalk, for a few minutes, that was true. The first thing I wanted to find was the Zoltar Machine. Unfortunately, here’s what it is today. Make a wish, get a pepsi. Reminds me of the Ultimart scene in Grosse Point Blank… Ok, it’s actually the quote before he goes into the store earlier in the movie, but that scene is cool, too.

The Orangeade is something I hold dear to my heart. In 1999, I lived in Brooklyn and worked for the NYSE. There was a Chinese place on my block that made the best egg rolls I’d ever had. They’re no good anymore (the place has changed owners a bunch of times since I left), but the General Tso’s still rocks. I forget the name of the place, but it’s the first Chinese joint on Fulton south of Fort Greene Place in Brooklyn if you wanted to taste the Tso’s.

They had Orangeade Snapple here. I ordered it exclusively. Best Snapple product ever; f you haven’t tried it, keep it on your radar. So when I see Orangeade, I jumps at it.

Happy I ordered it, but there was no perceptible difference between this and the Snapple version. It’s NOT orange drink. It’s not Orangina-style. It’s Orangeade. Singularly interesting taste experience.

We shared the Bacon Cheese Dog

And the Chili Cheese Fries:

I think my dad really said it best, “I think high praise for a staple food would be: I can’t find anything wrong with that dog.”

If you expect a grilled hot dog, Nathan’s pretty much nailed it. We got the onions on it as well (as you can see), which, unless you have an onion allergy, you need to order. They weren’t the best sautéed onions I’ve ever had, but I left wanting the onion sauce recipe. I prefer mine with a bit more carbon/caramelization.

The chili cheese fries, however – these might be classified as a controlled substance by the anti-fat Obama administration. Or Bloomberg. Look at these numbers. You know people come in here and pound a large all by their lonesome on the regular. 1,444 calories is a lot of calories.

We got the small.

Cut us some slack – We’d just crushed a pie at Totonno’s!

Nathan’s Hot Dogs
1310 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11224
(718) 946-2202

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  • Sole November 9, 2010, 1:38 pm

    Hagan!!! How many times a week do you go to the gym??….sheeesh!

    • Hagan November 10, 2010, 5:39 pm

      Not nearly enough. I do manage to get my cardio in, though.

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