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My Twitter Idea
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My Twitter Idea

Brand Monitoring . . . Brand Monitoring . . . Brand Monitoring . . . Brand Monitoring . . . That’s all you see when you look at apps in the twitterverse. Data monitoring – no interaction. What does one do with all the information you get from monitoring? Why hasn’t someone created an app where we engage potential customers?

Here’s what I want to see developed:

I search for a twitter string, possibly based on location – let’s just say pizza near Boston (and this is the first result the actual search I did while writing this post) . . .


When that result pops up, I want to click a button and have an RT or @reply pop up with; my shortened link to the Foodie video review of Santarpio’s Pizza) . . .


Then, I’d like to personalize it to engage the reader. . .


I have 100 search terms I would like to do this for, and 100 links that I can attach to each one of the searches. Even with 100 terms, there are roughly 30 hits per day, but the searchers match exactly my intended demographic.

What else could this do?

Let’s say you have a problem with the playlist function on your iPhone; it’s a bug that people are aware of. Apple (or a knowledgeable blogger or company looking to expand their customer base) can respond quickly to any iphone playlist problem tweets with a link and an answer.

Let’s say you own or do PR for a Vietnamese restaurant, and someone searches for bahn mi, pho, or one of your competitors, you could respond a review of your Bahn Mi, your friend’s article about making pho at home, or your award and let them know they should come by your place.

It could help spam the shit out of people with penis pills, singles sites, and workout programs.

That’s the basic idea, but I have been fleshing the idea out in my head for months now. I’ve a ton more to offer, so if you think this is a cool idea, please shoot me an e-mail or just RT this post so the inspiration can strike the right person.

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