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Came in Sunday morning after a particularly rough Saturday night and was looking for some comfort food. Ended up splitting an empanada and having the chorizo barbecue macaroni and cheese. It was a Fusilli dish, and the consistency of the cheese suited it well. The empanada was a bit small for the price, I wasn’t so excited about that part.

I’m not gay or nothin’, but who do I need to blow to get their cornbread recipe? It was unbelievable. They had a molasses/honey butter to go along with it, and I am positive that I could have eaten that morning’s stock of it.

I came here last winter for tapas and had the sampler. That plate, on the other hand, was a fantastic value for the money, and is their bread and butter for the happy hour scene. You’ll enjoy it immensely.

It’s a dimly lit place with a hip, latin vibe with lots of dark wood and leather. This is a fantastic first date venue, be sure of it. A great tequila selection might help you loosen up those stiff financial district types.

Masa is easily accessible from the T – for drivers, they have the most active valet service in the South End.

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