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Lanna Thai Diner – Woburn, MA

This place is fantastic.

I am reading the other reviews for Thai restaurants right now and I’m starting to wonder if these Thai restaurants that I love are great or if Thai is simply a more well rounded cuisine than others out there.

They’ve been perfecting food for 4000 years. I just read this while searching for the answer to this question:

No one really knows when and where the Thai civilization originated.
In current popular theory . . . the Thai people have been here
in their present location from the very beginning.

If this is true, I will add a corollary and hypothesize that the secret to what happened seconds before the big bang lies in the green curry with shrimp that is served at the Lanna Thai Diner. I think if we got those guys working on the Hadron Collider some take-out from this place, we’d be halfway to solving this crazy mystery we call life.

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