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Lantern Thai Kitchen – New York, NY

I like Thai. I don’t know if this place is worth a four star review because I like Thai so much. I’ve just discovered it, so maybe I’m just infatuated with Thai, but It seems that I can order Thai from just about anywhere and whatever comes out on my plate is amazing.

Still, I was excited about Lantern. I had three Thai dishes that I had never had before (Sesame Noodles, Red Curry, and Panang Curry) and the only one I wasn’t psyched about was the Panang curry. I would never be one to order the Panang curry because of what it sounds like it would taste like, but that was a favorite of my accomplice, so she ordered it and I tried some.

Pad Thai and green curry still top my list of favorite Thai dishes. This place does both of those and I am sure that they’re fantastic.

It should be noted that I have only been to four star plus Thai restaurants as rated on Yelp. I still don’t think I’ve just lucked into ridiculously fantastic Thai . . . I might be an unsuitable judge of Thai.

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  • SandyQ July 30, 2009, 5:37 am

    Thai food is interesting to say the least.