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Galapagos Art Space – Brooklyn, NY
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Galapagos Art Space – Brooklyn, NY

So they promote this space as the first green building for soemthingorother in wherever and they were very proud about that.

Too bad their architect was deaf. This place has the worst acoustics of any performance venue I have ever been to. This includes the basement of my fraternity in Troy, NY.

The candles – super cool. I hope they keep these in the budget, because they rock hardcore. The blue light of the bar sets it apart from the rest of the space lit in red. The booths – very swanky. The clientele, interesting. One waitress was very cute and the bartender made me an interesting drink with something cucumber. I told her that I liked the grenadine but I wasn’t so psyched about it – I really wanted more of that cucumber taste.

Basically, I’m writing this review about none of the stuff you come to see here. There was a burlesque chick on a swing when we walked in and these dancing nerds with cake doing some kind of unfunny faux-fob dance routine that they obviously spent three minutes and thirty-five seconds choreographing. The chick on the swing was good, but I think we came on a bad night for entertainment – It was a Thursday and there were about 25 people there.

This is another place that I would give another shot to, moreso because of the location and the potential than my experience there.

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