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Lady Killegrew Cafe – Montague, MA

Here I am enjoying the scene at The Lady Killegrew:

This place is a perfect place to stop to break up a day of leaf-peeping in the Berkshires. As you can see by the season, I visited on a rainy day in May, so the colors were green and grey for me.

The problem with this place (or the reason why it is so fantastic ) is that It’s not on the way to or from anywhere, you kind of have to seek it out. I am sure it’s a favorite of UMASS Amherst and Amherst collegians, and I’ll bet there’s a Bill Cosby sighting every so often, but you’re not likely to find this gem if you’re looking for a place to eat off 91 (seriously, it’s not easy to get to).

Enjoy a vegetarian entree and perk your ears to learn about some alternative uses for compost and the pros and cons of leather chaps.

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