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Kabab Cafe – Astoria, NY

After seeing No Reservations – I had to go here. More than anywhere else in NYC on that episode, even though I worked in the best french restaurant in MD and spent six months in Guangzhou eating authentic Chinese.

I asked Ali to do his worst and give us whatever he thought was fantastic that night. I was really looking forward to this meal, and had high expectations, so I would be carefully scrutinizing what I was eating this evening.

I can’t invest too much time in the review because there is one thing that is going to stick out in my mind about this place forever: Calamari on Saturday night.

It was fishy. I felt like he was dumping his food cost on me and not indulging a foodie in a fantastic experience at his restaurant. It is my fault for not sending it back and requesting a change, and in hindsight, I should have immediately.

The rest of the stuff was incredible: the falafel, the lamb and fig meatballs, the lamb cheeks – all amazing.

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