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Guy Fieri at the 2010 New York City Wine and Food Festival
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Guy Fieri at the 2010 New York City Wine and Food Festival

If you dye your hair, streak your beard, wear satin chef’s jackets with flaming skulls, and all the latest styles from Oakley on the back of your head, you might become a target for criticism. His restaurants are targeted toward the low to middle-income range of clientele. They don’t get stellar reviews. He’s got a line of knives with flames on them. He’s been the spokesperson for T.G.I. Fridays. Did I mention that he streaks his beard?

Did you know Guy Fieri was on SNL? He was, check this link out. You’ll surely desire to rock out with your hock out. And talk about some Angry Birds! Sheesh.

I’m trying to find out if there is any real animosity toward Guy other than the comments from Bourdain last year. Here are some quotes from the thread that comes up when you search for “Guy Fieri Douche”

The guy looks like he’s permanently stuck in 1996 or something.

He looks like he’s going to start a smash mouth cover band

Watch out, America – I’m comin your way and I’ve got craaazy hair!

He looks like a douche bag, but acts like a really nice guy.

So do you guys have any substantial criticisms or are you just displeased with the way he dresses, the way he talks, and his hair?

So those last two will serve as my segue. There’s really nothing bad to say about this dude aside from that. When you see him in a demo, you’re going to get a good show, and you’ll never leave thinking “Man, that Guy Fieri is a Douche.” Unless he forces his entourage to wear their sunglasses like this.

It was hands down the best demo I’ve seen all weekend. The funniest, the best produced, the happiest, the most interactive. Instead of running backstage after the demo, he walked right to the front of the stage and started shaking hands and signing stuff. I didn’t stay until the end of Adam Richman’s demo, but I know he did the same thing because of this tweet. Classy guys, both of them.

He was also the only one to share what he was making with the audience. This girl was stuck in the back row, and today, being stuck in the back row meant free cocktails.

The interactivity was the best part. He was tossing schwag out left and right, getting people up on the stage for any random reason, calling the jokesters in the audience out playfully, answering questions, and just generally having a conversation with the crowd instead of doing a demo. You could see that everyone in his entourage was really happy to be along for the ride. Everything on stage was in harmony, and the energy levels throughout the auditorium were the best of the festival.

There’s no way you could have walked out of this demo not liking him. He did tell a really corny joke I’d already heard to end the show, but you can cut him some slack on that, understanding that it was just PG-13 enough to tell us. It received uproarious laughter, anyway.

I was searching Google yesterday, trying to find out why the Torah instructs people not to eat meat and cheese together (which it actually doesn’t, but some rabbi decided to interpret it that way once and fucked over millions of Jews in the process) and I found this interesting tidbit (it’s just a pic – quick click). That’s funny, but forbidding people not to eat meat and cheese together is not. No one should go their whole life without experiencing the beauty of a bacon cheeseburger.

It just goes to show you that someone with an engaged audience can say something once and mess everything up for the people trusting him.

Guy rules. I’m on the bus. I encourage you to hop on as well.

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  • Lowell October 19, 2010, 3:23 pm

    If it walks like a douche, talks like a douche…

    • Hagan October 19, 2010, 4:05 pm

      You so had the opportunity to bring up Guy’s AFLAC ad there and you completely missed it!

      You would never say that if you met Guy in person. He’s pretty awesome.

  • Sole October 21, 2010, 9:44 am

    I’m so happy that you like him! I have loved him since forever. I always get so mad when people would call him a douche. Awesome post Hagan!

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