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Celebrity Apprentice Season Four at Famiglia Pizza

Celebrities can’t cook pizza for shit, but it was completely entertaining. They forgot to put the cheese on one pizza. David Cassidy was slicing it for five minutes while I was in line. I truly wanted to get a bash in with Canseco. I tried to ask him for that favor without sounding patronizing. I don’t care that he and McGwire did steroids; you had to back then.

They charged me $20 for a slice of chicken pineapple pizza. I wonder where the money went to, because they clearly had no clue what charity they were promoting. Some goober from 106.whatever country came down and made a big deal out of giving $2,000 and tried to get an interview with one of the Big & Rich guys.

This stuff really should be called surreality TV. Obviously I’ll be tuned in for my cameo.

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