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Lost Cupakes

10 reasons you need these Lost Cupcakes:

10. I can only make one batch every 108 minutes
9. Hurley won’t hoard them (well, actually … he might)
8. They’re designed to withstand any and all electromagnetic incidents
7. If you’re ever stranded on an island, they’ll keep you looking healthy and well nourished for up to six seasons
6. If they’re eaten, they don’t come back as cupcakes in black
5. They taste great no matter what timeline you’re in
4. Once I send them out to you, they don’t have the urge to come back
3. Their vanilla essence pairs extremely well with a fine McCutcheon’s Whisky
2. Jacob said they were delicious (actually, he didn’t tell me, I just made that up because I wanted you to buy the cupcakes)
1. We are officially issuing a 100% guarantee (or your money back) that they won’t talk when the show is on

Dharma Logo Lost Cupcake

The Staff Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

The Looking Glass Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

The Hydra Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

The Lamp Post Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

The Arrow Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

The Orchid Dharma Station Lost Cupcake

Dharma Station Lost Cupcakes

Dharma Station Lost Cupcakes

I partnered with AnnyCakes.com to make these cupcakes in anticipation of the Lost Finale. They were delicious.

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  • vanillasugar April 20, 2010, 4:46 pm

    those are very manly cupcakes that should be eaten in a man-cave