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i am sure it’s still the suckiest thing ever, but yeah, he’s not likely to get shivved

Me: that’s pretty much what I mean by cool

Me: it’s not cool to go to prison

Friend: yeah, kids. stay in school

Me: but it’s cool to be tough about it and not get the shank

Friend: man i do not know what the fuck to say to the guy

Me: what do you mean?

Friend: well you know he calls every now and then on the 20-bucks-a-minute prison calling card

Me: they don’t let you have regular calling cards?

Friend: and i don’t talk to him. i don’t know if i’m supposed to.

Friend: no it is pricey

Me: I would just be like, how’s it goin? they treatin you well in there?

Friend: remember that cons haven’t got the same rights as you and me. prisoner advocacy groups are not strong lobbies in DC

Me: Oh, Jim’s here, gotta go! watch your cornhole, bud! here’s your brother

Friend: shit i guess so

Friend: yeah, that’s basically what i imagine

Me: you could take an interest in it

Me: like, “want us to send you a carton of smokes?”

Me: “a file in a cake?”

Me: ask him what he’s doing, a lot of times they have jobs

Me: like sideshow bob printing license plates

Me: you there?

Me: **wondering if your roommate is standing behind you and all of the sudden I am the world’s most insensitive asshole**

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