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9:00 PM – The Publick House

But first, I gotta use the can. Holding off on that aspect of the shoot for 17 hours deserves an award in itself. I still don’t think it tops the thirteen hours I spent without any type of bathroom break at all in Times Square for New Year’s Eve 2000.

Remi isn’t there, but I order his favorite beer. The doorman stops Brett in his tracks and demands ID. He is more than pleased when the assistant manager (Matt, I think?) pulls rank and pardons the detainee. Geena, Dan, and I sample the Houblon Chouffe – complex. Starts as a wheat beer with flowery tones and hints of citrus and apricot, but finishes strong and hoppy like an IPA.

It seems like the more inebriated people get, the more likely they are to ask what I am doing with the film crew. I don’t ask questions and am happy to throw my card around before I go off to find some more buzzed bargoers at the aptly named 10:00 PM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

The Publick House
1648 Beacon St
Brookline, MA
(617) 277-2880

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