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8:00 – Giacomo’s Ristorante

Rose Marie, what a beautiful lady. She is the Italian mom to end all Italian moms. She’s one of the kindest people with a big, generous heart. We had to switch the time up to get O Ya in and she bent over backwards for us to make sure that happened. A reserved seat at Giacomo’s in the North End on Saturday night where the line is over 45 minutes long on a Tuesday? She told me in her interview that John Henry (owner of the Red Sox) gets the same treatment when he calls ahead, but not too many others.

She brings us garlic bread. Oh no you di’int Rose – I have been eating for sixteen hours and you drop a garlic bread on me? I told you she was generous! I pass the garlic bread out to a few of the just seated diners and promote 24 in 24. Geena and I have the frutti de mare – she loves it, I have had it twice before and it is spicy and full of the freshest seafood you can get your teeth on. Dan is stuck in North End traffic, and we shoot down an alley to escape the hustle-bustle for a beer at the 9:00 PM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

355 Hanover St
Boston, MA
(617) 523-9026

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