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This week I had a lot of fun talking to people. I talked to Two Nigerians, a Belarusian, an El Salvadorian, a Sri Lankan and a German Wal*Mart cashier with Torrets whose girlfriend in Atlanta showed him a couple things over her webcam (She’s a real goer. Wink wink, nudge nudge). Say no more!

I rode a segway this week. It was pretty shweet. Nothing spectacular, but it was definitely a novel experience. It’s definitely easy to fall off one of them when you’re riding one for the first time, they make you sign a waiver. If you’re down in the DC area, check out the Brookstone in Tyson’s Corner One to Have a ride.

I’m also reading Love Is The Killer App and it’s pretty good, although the verbiage is pretty queah.

Definitely on point with my business. Reading every night now, and working out every morning, and getting five names a day. Kicking it into high gear because there’s no other option. This is all due in part to my wonderful external motivator, and it’s just the beginning.

OK. Check this out.

That is all.

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