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I picked her up on Saturday night and we went down to DuPont Circle to check out the Scientologist’s Church. First, however, we went and got some cappucino at Starbucks. So we went in shivering and clasping our tres materialistique drinks and asked where the movie was.

Moses was going to help us out and set up a film to watch. He told us that we should watch a DVD and then we’d watch the film. Well, we never got to the film. The DVD seemed pretty informative, but I don’t think we really got the full effect of Scientology. We never even got the tour! Moses was nowhere to be found after he set us in front of the DVD.

I think what we saw was a picture of what the tenets of Dianetics were. The movie told me that I was being influenced by my unconscious and that I had the power to change my unconscious by cleansing the memories. There was this scene where a man was being psychoanalyzed by someone and brought up this memory where he broke up with his girlfriend because of some EMTs. Trust me on that one.

Overall, the experience was a lot less cultish than I had expected. I wasn’t converted, but I recognize the concept behind Scientology as a viable psychological path to improve your life. I would investigate it for yourself because it seems that you could hold your own religious beliefs and practice the Scientology concepts without them conflicting too much.

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