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6:00 AM – Mike’s City Diner

We get there, and the waitress remembers me; she asks me where I have been.

“South Street Diner,” I say.
“You poor thing! Sit down! I’ll get you some real food,” she says as she yells to the chef, “Waffle with strawberries on the run I, got the sauce.”

I get my first taste of the competition between diners here in the city. Good rivals make better quality product. She drops the waffle on me (the sauce is the whipped cream) and surprises me with a side of Turkey Hash. Holy crap – this stuff will be infamous. The light turkeyish character lets me feel like I am being health-conscious as I down the whole plate. She said that Jay came up with it the night before and I am the first Mike’s city restaurant patron to taste it. It is a huge win. Fully caffeinated, we’re on our way to the 7:00 AM stop on 24 in 24: Boston . . .

.. Mike’s City Diner
1714 Washington St
Boston, MA
(617) 267-9393

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