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5:00 AM – The South Street Diner

The kickoff! Brett (my videographer), Wilkens (my driver) and I get off to a fast start at 4:45 in the morning and shoot down to Kneeland street, home of the South Street diner. Even though we call ahead and order, nothing is ready for us. Kelsey (the waitress) took my order over the phone and then forgot about me, even though I joked with her about showing her boobs for the camera a week earlier in my interview with Sol (owner of the SSD). Of course, it is 5:05 and I am already freaking out about making my schedule.

We get the biggest, greasiest thing on the menu, and dig in. Dan loves the sausage (obviously) and I am a big fan of the perfectly buttered diner toast. You know you expect that diner toast to be completely buttered when you bite into it. Brett grabs a few bites to start the day off healthy hungry-man style, and I sop up some of the yolk with the toast before we throw the tip down and jam to the 6:00 AM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

.. The South Street Diner
178 Kneeland St
Boston, MA
(617) 350-0028‎

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