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More news from the Mainland:

One time when James was drunk his trousers was almost taken off by a couple of bar girls only just wanted to look how big james’ dick is! In a primary school James went to toilet with 100 followers!

James was back in England at the end of July and would come back again in two years. He wants to bring 500,000RMB ($62,500) here next time to buy a car! He had only savings of 20,000RMB ($2,500) after one years work. he said to draw this savings from the back is worth coming back. And he had a 16-year old normal student girlfriend. He had shagged her more than 100 times from her virgin. Ian has 4 girl friends and he will stay here for one more year. He loves here. He said this is the best place he has ever been to.

I am sitting here reading this and I have this overwhelming feeling that I am Charlie Brown right after Lucy pulls the football away.

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