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Message from Nanhai:

Hi, Patrick, how are you doing these months? Do you have good job and good pay? How fun it would be to drink with you again and to get drunk and have more fun when you are here again. We had two foreign teachers after you left, and they did something you didn’t. They had hair cut and shagged the girl students!

-Best wishes, Tim

Is he rubbing that in my face? I don’t know, but I didn’t violate the student-teacher relationship, and I feel pretty good about that. If I’d realized that it was all well and good to just bang these girls and leave them looking at the chandelier, maybe I would have acted differently.

I wonder how many girls it was . . . how many at once?

Oh man, I think I need another semester abroad.

Posted By The Haganator An advanced sex robot sent back to Nanhai to change the lives of 50-100 sexy students forever

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