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Damn. Are the Olsen twins going to come after me now? If you’re listening Ashley or Mary Kate, I welcome all legal action wholeheartedly.

The Rensselaer OT hoax was by far the most flattering of all the articles, for sure. I mean, I gave them both 1600s on their SATs and admitted them to a world-class program at a nationally accredited school. Other people insinuated that they were going to the University of Ohio at Dayton for their business school. The University of Ohio at Dayton for their BUSINESS SCHOOL. I mean, come on, what’s more believable: that they both got 1600s or they’re going to University of Ohio because of its BUSINESS school. Well . . . OK . . . but I digress.

You’re usually supposed to digress to something; at least back to your original point, but I gots nothin.

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