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Since the slammin’ girls at my office are all taken, I shall live vicariously through my Intel Intern friend, Da Wolder:

Wold : Blunt, I work with a freakin’ slammin’ girl.

Wold : She wore these black pants today . . . I mean, DAMN.

Me : So ask her out for crissakes!

Wold : Chilson; I’m workin on it.

Me : Ha!

Wold : She’s difficult.

Me : How so?

Wold : She keeps on saying the phrase, “I’m VERY conservative,” about everything

Me : You gotta break down that wall, my man!

Wold : It’s impenetrable

Wold : I could be talking and be like “Hey, let’s drink some caffeinated soda”

Wold : And she’d say “I would, but I’m VERY conservative”

Will Wold win the slammin’ girl? Will he break down the wall of conservatism? Tune in next time for “Wold’s Wiles With Women.”

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