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3:00 AM – The Hen House

My final stop for food! Right across the street from The Victoria Diner (which I could have included if I wasn’t going to two diners already). The same restaurant group that owns TVD owns The Hen House; I am OK with leaving them out. Besides . . . wings and waffles? What foodie in America doesn’t have a special place in their soul for some soul food?

Thinking about this for a second, is soul food a racist statement? We were the only white guys in the place who weren’t behind the counter. Again, there was a few cases of mistaken identity when some of the guys at the place we were rappin’ with (can I say that?) handed me their business cards as if I was going to be able to hook them up with something. One guy runs a radio station in Roxbury, so maybe I can call him and get some press if he wasn’t too drunk to be recording memories at the time. He did drive away, but that’s not really saying anything. We were beat as hell, but this was quite an entertaining stop before our final destination, the 4:00 AM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

The Hen House
1033 Mass Ave
Roxbury, MA
(617) 442-9464‎

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