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2:00 AM – Chau Chow City

Danny is on point tonight and at our service. He whisks us to our table and the food is out for us in a minute. Spring rolls, Honey Glazed Shrimp, and some kind of vegetable that absolutely rocks. By the way, the Honey Glazed Shrimp is a must-order from Chau Chow. The shrimp are plump and juicy with just the right amount of flour and honey on the outside, they are crispy, but the crunch of the roasted walnuts and sesame seeds send you to another level of foodie nirvana. One of my top five favorite dishes today. Saying that something as amazing as this shrimp wasn’t even in the top three things I tried today is a testament to the fine cuisine I had. Wow.

As I walk inside toward other two gentlemen to leave, an officer tells me no filming is allowed inside. I’m done filming anyway, but that doesn’t stop the guys in the peanut gallery from ragging on me. Screw you guys! I’m goin’ to get me some wings and waffles at the 3:00 AM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

Chau Chow City
83 Essex St
Boston, MA
(617) 338-8158

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