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Yesterday, I started my job as an FMP. I also started the JobBlog, which will only be accessible to people I already know outside of GXS, because you KNOW there are things about everyday life at work that you want to tell someone, but you’d rather hide those cards from your co-workers. It’s just a fact of life; people are allowed to talk about you when you aren’t there and can never find out about it.

Now this could be viewed as talking behind people’s backs, but it’s not. It’s more like you and I standing in front of the people I work with at a party, and I whisper something to you, and you laugh, and when they ask what was so funny, I say, “Oh, Nothing. Inside joke.” Really, this is just a way for me to vent without getting into trouble or ailenating myself from the people I work with.

Displaying this so candidly on my webpage, where many of my fellow GXS employees may read it, seems kind of in-your-face-ish, but that’s not what it’s meant to be. This is a disclaimer of sorts. This is my outlet. You will not be affected.

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