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This page, is pretty interesting. It’s the life of a movie clerk, but she only speaks specifically about the customers who rent porn. Here’s an excerpt:

We have a new vistor to the porn section. He’s been in twice now. Actually, he’s been in at least three times, as he is a registered member, but he’s only stood out twice. He comes in, goes down to the straight porn section, and whips out a hand mirror. Then he applies makeup for about an hour.


No browsing, no chatting people up, no whacking. In, mirror, makeup and out. And again, he’s in the straight section. No one’s sure what to do yet.

She even comments on The Lebowski.

Rocco’s Animal Trainer series, I’m told, traditionally ends with Rocco fucking a woman up the ass while he shoves her head into a toilet and flushes.


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