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24 in 24: DC Р6:00 AM @ Afterwords Caf̩

Scotty enjoys driving the streets of the ghost town that is DC at 5:45 AM. Parking will not get any easier as we pull up across the street from the café, walk right in, and get the banana french toast and the Eastern Shore Omelette. We will be getting crab at the next three places we are eating at, so it’s a crab-off! After all is said and done, these guys take the #2 spot for crab breakfast and #3 in overall for crab-based foodstuffs.

Maybe it’s early, but we thought a few of the items on the menu were weirdly worded. Our videographer, Ben, attacks the french toast with gusto, and discloses that he doesn’t like cheese when he takes a bite of the crab omelette. WHAT? It is the first time I have heard anyone utter such blasphemy. Scott, a true frenchman, tells us about his meme’s (that’s grandma in French) apron with 365 types of cheeses displayed on it. I don’t know about you, but I’ve rarely met a fromage I didn’t like.

Afterwords Café wins the Pleasantly Surprised award for 24 in 24: DC. The choice was ridiculed by a few Yelpers in the pre-planning, but Peter and the chefs at Afterwords solidly proved them wrong.

Off to get our caffeine buzz on at Peregrine Espresso.

Afterwords Café
1517 Connecticut NW
Washington, DC
(202) 387-1462‎

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